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Our offering is geared towards addressing the new challenges that are emerging. In fulfilling our service commitment, we deliver bespoke solutions throughout the value chain, thus adding sustainable value for you as a client while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. From multi-asset electronic trading solutions (equities, bonds, structured products, FX, ETD) to custody, settlement, clearing, and tax reclaim: execution and securities services are at the core of what we offer. Vontobel Transaction Banking as a single point of contact guarantees support from Switzerland. Let us talk about what you need.

Global Execution

Trading Analytics Platform

Custody Services


Leverage one of the most complete and customizable execution platform on the market to your advantage. Let us reduce your costs, while you gain access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Maximize your trading success with advanced analytics by having all relevant data regarding your trades at your fingertips. Anywhere. Anytime.

Create a customized solution for your custody needs together with our specialists.

Tap into the aggregated liquidity of up to 15 counterparties, giving you access to around 75% of the total global FX market share through a single point of contact.
Global Execution Trading Analytics Platform Custody Services FXTrade


Tailor-made. Swiss-based.

Global Execution

Leverage one of the most complete and customizable execution platform on the market to your advantage. Let us reduce your costs, while you gain access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure. Vontobel as a single point of contact guarantees support from Switzerland.

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  • Our service in detail


    Vontobel has established processes and investment principles, which assure the best possible execution for its clients.


    Access to 125 trading venues (35 direct memberships) via FIX, EMSX across most large providers.


    >98% STP rate over all asset classes.


    Tailor made pre-trade checks.


    Dedicated sales traders for execution advice and assistance for non-STP business and the account management team for any other enquiries.

  • These are questions we address with you during an initial consultation

    We make sure that you can focus on your core business by clarifying the following questions:

    • How we can reduce your overall trading cost through a high STP rate while transforming your fix costs into variable costs.
    • How you get access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technologies.
    • How we can help you to mitigate regulatory and operational risks.
    • How you can benefit from our support designing the implementation of the execution process.
    • How we can seamlessly integrate technologically into your banks host system through a tailor-made set-up.
  • Our algorithms

    We offer multiple in-house developed algo strategies and regularly conduct teaching & education session on your or our premise. Meet our product team to talk about:


    Benchmark oriented algorithms that aim to mimic a given benchmark while minimizing the impact on price.


    Liquidity seeking algorithms provide access to additional liquidity pools while avoiding being discovered.


    Opportunistic algorithms reducing exposure if things don’t go our way and ride conditions as best as we can.



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Trading Analytics Platform™ (TAP)

Use the Trading Analytics Platform™ (TAP) to monitor your executions using tailor-made benchmarks dedicated to selected strategies. Our powerful and intuitive analytics platform turns trade analysis into a source of valuable and relevant information. TAP assists you with empirical performance metrics to monitor, measure and manage your best execution obligations.

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  • Our service in detail


    Single order transaction cost analysis (TCA) and various aggregations far beyond the regulatory requirements are available in a secure web-based solution providing easy access to information anywhere, anytime.


    We maintain complete neutrality by applying benchmarks from an independent benchmark provider. That way, we ensure full objectivity in assessing the quality of our execution.


    Interactive data visualization supports exploratory thinking, as decision makers can actively investigate intriguing findings.


    You benefit from a valuation methodology that has been refined over years of close collaboration with our clients and market data providers. Our solution provides you with a variety of benchmarks and metrics that allow us to customize all statistics to your individual needs.



Custody Services

We offer cost-effective single or segregated custody accounts at client level across a network of over 50 domestic markets. Our dedicated support teams in Zurich ensure value-added by professional communication standards that ensure efficient handling. The safekeeping of all assets in a decentralised custodian structure, ensuring market standards, administration of mandatory and voluntary corporate actions and entitlements as well as the processing of deliveries are all part of our service. Talk to our experts without any obligation.

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Transaction Banking Magazine

Our magazine provides you with a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about electronic trading solutions, global execution, core systems, trading product development and much more.


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Through FXTrade you can access the aggregated liquidity from up to 15 counterparties resulting in access to around 75% of the overall global FX market share. This ensures liquidity of exceptional depth and cost savings, not only on the price side, but as well with less administrative work on your IT / KYC side.

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  • Our service in detail


    Access to aggregated liquidity from up to 15 banks and non-banks results in access to around 75% of the overall global FX market share (Euromoney FX survey, 2020).


    Constant and active liquidity management, execution analytics and an open dialog with liquidity providers ensures liquidity of exceptional depth and quality.


    Transparent agency model.


    Simplified and efficient counterparty management (ISDA, CSA) result in cost saving, not only on the price side, but as well with less admin work on your IT / KYC side.


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Our Transaction Banking team attended the recent TradeTech event in Paris which provided valuable insights into the current state and future trends of the trading industry. The event covered a wide range of topics, from macroeconomic trends to technological advancements, and offered a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas and perspectives.

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