Trading Analytics Platform™

One of the biggest challenges for market participants is a lack of transparency in trading activities. The trading data science team at Vontobel has developed an optimized process that monitors and measures the quality of execution, ensuring a high-level of accuracy for all analyses. Our solution combines transaction data with benchmark data from an independent industry leading provider to generate TCA metrics to measure trading performance and satisfy best execution obligations. Moreover, it tackles the challenges of data integration, data quality assurance, and data processing at scale, so meaningful insights are delivered to you.

Trading Data Science is a team of specialized data scientists, mathematicians, and economists with deep expertise in trading analytics, who collaborate to design, deliver, and continuously enhance a state-of-the-art trading analytics solution as a service.


Your Trading Data Science Team


TAP™ Brochure

Succeeding in today’s business means being data driven. TAP assists you with empirical performance metrics to monitor, measure and manage your best execution obligations.


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